Free your magic DNA.


Read your most vital DNA, free

Your signature HLA and blood group genes say more for ancestry, health, and science than any other DNA. But basic tests like 23andme can’t read HLA or blood types well.

So we founded Root to give you back your most useful DNA, well read, wisely interpreted, and — if you give blood or become marrow donor volunteer to help others — free.

A win-win-win to reward your good will with personal insight; save patients via better matches; and spark science you love.

  • Roam your roots

    Humanity’s family tree goes far deeper in HLA and blood groups than in other genes. In Root, spin your personal globe to trace your distinctive gene spellings to surprising kin and ancestors, worldwide.

  • Save family (really!)

    Unlike fantasy games, Root may let you rescue someone real. Best yet, any stranger who only you can save is really a long-lost double cousin(!), via shared ancestors on all your parents’ lines. Here’s to life...and family reunions!

  • Spark science

    HLA and blood groups anchor a rainbow of mysteries. Wonder how we evolved...or fall in love? Why germ X, drug Y, or food Z hurts some folks? Why others get lupus or MS? Root lets you join research you trust, to shine your light on big puzzles.

Our story

At age 6, geneticist Nathan Pearson lost his mom to blood cancer with no life-saving cell donor. An expert in global DNA variation, he thus knows first-hand how our most diverse, informative, and transplant-crucial genes bond humanity together.

But he also saw how hard it was to get back personal HLA and blood type insight, even for good-willed donor volunteers. So Nathan founded Root to bring key inner data to life, starting with the genes that say more for you, for community, and for science, than any other DNA.